Working While Studying – College Students – Pro’s N Con’s

The period of youth will let you reap a lot of things in your life. Same time you need to gain enough learning experience from failures and hardships. This can be obtained when you properly utilize your time. There are lots of distractions that steal your time. Despite all distractions, students show interest in doing part-time jobs and they make use of their time and earn while studying as they want to stand financially on their own. Working while studying has a positive and negative impact on students’ life.

The pros of part-time jobs

Clears the debts

The main reason for doing a part-time job is to earn more money. Students can use this money for their higher studies without disturbing their parents or even they can save the money and can help the family in clearing the debts. The idle time is being converted to money and it is a good source of getting passive income.

Enhances Time management skills

The major excuse we all will say when we cannot finish work is we don’t have enough time to do. This is all because of our poor time management. When you work while studying you need to plan your time wisely and should allot time for studying as well as working. This habit will help you in the future and you will know how to efficiently use your time without wasting even a single minute.

Learn more on money management

People spend lavishly when they are young and at their old age they will not have any savings and will lead a miserable life. When you work while studying, you will get to handle money at a young age and you will learn how to use your earnings. Also, you will know how hard it was to earn that amount. So this will teach you money management that will guide you to build a better future. Tip: Compare average salaries of employees before opting your mind

Develop your interpersonal skills

Student employment will let them interact with unknown people with different personalities. This is most required in any job that you will join in the future. Building a good interpersonal skill will help you shine in your career and also you can gain confidence in communicating with people. You will learn how to react to unexpected situations and how to be patient when needed the most.

Gain complete independence

When you are financially strong you can enjoy independence. Not only because of the money you earn but also because of the learning you get by working will make you decide independently. Decision making is a vital aspect that we all need to have. This is learned when you work. This can build a strong and hassle-free future.

Fine-tune your working experience

After completing your studies when you apply for a job, you will be considered as a fresher and many companies will reject your application. Few companies can hire you but that too with a low salary. If you have worked a part-time job during your college days then it will be included in your working experience and you can easily get placed in top companies with good pay.

Build better networking

People you meet today may encounter you in the future. We may not how people can be useful to us. When you get to know more people you can build a healthy network. If they are professionals then you can get good support in your career. They can guide in selecting your job and achieving your goals easily. So it is very essential to be more polite with people you deal with.

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Cons of working while studying

Increases stress

At a very early age, they need to sacrifice their fun and entertainment as they will be occupied with their part-time work. This will increase their stress level and will affect their health. They will miss their outings with their friends and they need to work monotonously. At one point in time, they will get exhausted and feel frustrated about their life and will gain more negativity.

Not enough sleep

Many works need to be done under night shifts. So students may need to be awake and work on nights. Then in the morning, they need to go to college. So they will not get enough sleep and this will be the root cause of many health problems. Students should plan their time accordingly and should not compromise their sleep for their work.

Higher rate of absenteeism

When you work continuously you will need a break. Being a part-time worker you cannot ask for leave in the company so it is obvious students will take leave for their studies. This will affect their study and they will miss many important classes. As a result, they will get poor grades in their exams. Some may even fail in exams and many need to clear the arrears. This will affect their resume.

Drug addiction

When a student works more than 20hrs per week and also attend full class will be forced to take a drug for mental relaxation. Since they are earning, they will have money in their hand and they can misuse their earnings by getting drugs and alcohol. Finally, they will abuse their health and will face the worst consequences.

No employee benefits

Since they are part-time workers none of the employee benefits like health insurance, sick leave, holidays can be enjoyed. They will not be eligible for any of the employee benefits and compensation. They need to put more effort into proving themselves. Only then they will be promoted as regular employees else they need to suffer on their own.

No job security

An employer cannot fire a regular employee as he like. Many laws are to protect the employee. But when you are a part-time worker none of the laws are applicable and the employer can sack you anytime as he wishes. So we need to be more careful in our works and can feel the insecurity throughout the working period.

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