Average salaries Of Store Employees in the UK

The store employees play a crucial role in the development of the store. They are as important as customers. Each employee is the brand ambassador of the store and the experience they get by working in the store is transmitted to the customers through their looks, their responding time, their voice tone, and the service they provide. This is why every departmental store pays more attention to satisfying their store employees and one way of delighting them is providing them a perfect salary package. Let us take a deep look at the roles of the store employees in the different cadre and the average salary they get in the UK.

Employee responsibilities & the salary package

Every store will strictly follow a hierarchy and all the operations are carried out with the predefined protocols already set by the management. A store is comprised of several departments like store management, marketing management, merchandising management, human resource, finance, and accounting management. Let us understand the functions of each department in detail.

Store management

The store management will monitor the overall efficiency and the effectiveness of the store functions. The key people involved in the store management team are the store manager, customer associate, and the storekeeper.

Functions of the Store Manager

  • Implement company policies and procedures
  • Optimize the efficiency of the store employees
  • To minimize the cost involved in overall store operations
  • To prevent overstocking as well as under-stocking of the products.
  • Effectively utilize the storage space.

The average salary: £24518/year.

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Functions of a Customer Associate

  • Guiding customers to select the product
  • Drive sales by sharing product knowledge with the customers.
  • Escorting customers to the racks and the counters
  • Processing the payment transactions
  • Alert the management of security threats.

The average salary: £20146/year.

Functions of a Store Keeper

  • Maintain the stock by checking with the sales record.
  • Check the quantity, quality, specification of the products received from the vendors.
  • Ensure the safety and cleanliness of the stocks
  • Manage and train other staffs who deal with the stock.
  • Handle the products carefully and arrange them by properly utilizing the store space

The average salary: £15283/year.

Marketing management

Promoting the business and achieving the mission of the organization are the key objectives of the marketing department. This department influences the buying behavior of the customers. The personnel involved in this department will be the marketing manager and the sales executive.

Functions of a Marketing Manager

  • Should prepare a plan of action (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly).
  • Organize the resources that are essential to carry out the action plan.
  • Team handling and training the fresher and motivate them to make sales.
  • Monitor the results after implementing the plan and do necessary changes to rectify the errors.
  • Run effective campaigns and promote the product to the target audience

The average salary: £33910/year.

Functions of a Sales executive

  • Organize and plan the sales visit and get more vendors for the store.
  • Demonstrating the products to the customers.
  • Involve in product campaigns and bring effective outputs.
  • Review the sales performance and maintaining a track of sales.
  • Focusing on achieving monthly and yearly targets.

The average salary: £25976/year.

Merchandising management

The merchandising management will read the customers’ buying mindset and will display the product accordingly in the rack that can attract the customers easily. The process involves a clear strategy that helps to achieve sales. The merchandising management team is comprised of a merchandising manager and visual merchandiser. Know about tesco payslip here

Functions of a merchandising manager

  • Analyze the customer insights, customer trends, and their buying behavior and execute the merchandising plan accordingly.
  • Identifying new products that resemble the customer’s preferences.
  • Train the merchandising staff in assorting the products.
  • Reporting to top management about the day-to-day operations that are carried out in the merchandising department.
  • Forecast the profit and sales and prepare a plan and budget.

Average salary: £42414/year.

Functions of a Visual Merchandiser

  • Creating and implementing a unique and creative visual display strategy.
  • Attract customers through eye-catching visual displays.
  • Designing and developing window displays, interior displays, and seasonal promotional displays.
  • Track the expenses and work within the budget.
  • Keep researching the lifestyles

Average salary: £29794/year.

Human Resource Management

Human Resource is the key department for any organization as they take the major part of recruiting people for the company. Without proper manpower, the management cannot achieve its goals. Every posting will be filled with the HR team and they will take care of all HR related issues. Quick Tip : Know difference between digital vs paperslip

Functions of the HR Head

  • Designing job ads that can attract candidates to attend the interview.
  • Forecasting the placement needs especially during peak period.
  • Create a good compensation and benefits scheme to retain the employees.
  • Showcase the company culture and promote employer brand through social media platforms.

The average salary: £32261/year.

Finance & Accounting Management

The accounting and the financial services of an organization are support by the finance and accounts department. The overall profit and loss are monitored and managed by this department. The key personnel involved in this department are the finance manager, the accounts manager, and a cashier to assist.

Functions of Finance Manager

  • Collecting and reviewing all the financial information of the company
  • Predicting future financial crisis and plan for a solution
  • Implementing strategies that can reduce the financial risk for the company.
  • Monitoring and managing the budget.

The average salary: £38918/year.

Functions of an Accounts Manager

  • Fulfilling the request made by the customer on billing, purchase orders, and other payment-related documents.
  • Coordinating with the logistics and delivery department.
  • Build a long-term relationship with customers.
  • Keep track of the current outstanding amount and setting reminders to the customers regarding the pending payment.

The average salary: £27624/year.

Functions of a cashier

  • Assist customers in the check-out process.
  • Scan the product and ensure the pricing.
  • Calculate the discounts and utilize the coupons during the billing process.
  • Keep reports of the transaction and issue change, receipts to the customers.
  • Responsible for the cash in the counter and should hand over the cash at the end of the day.

The average salary: £18305/year.

Hope you have gained enough knowledge about the departments in retail stores in the UK and their roles and responsibilities along with their salary package.

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