Paper Payslip vs Digital Payslip

A payslip is a document given by the employer that contains a detailed explanation and split-up about the salary that the employee receives. The payslip will contain the basic pay, the allowances like dearness allowance, house rent allowance, and also deductions like loss of pay and tax. On the whole, it is an itemized report of your income. This payslip will be issued to the employee either as a manual printout (Paper payslip) or it will be sent through email (Digital payslip). Let us have a short comparison between both the payslip type along with their merits and demerits.

Digital Payslip

Technology is always moving forward and we need to get adapted to the innovations. Likewise, digital payslip is also one such technological development that has both positive and negative aspects.

The merits of Digital Payslip

  • 24/7 access
    Since it is available online, you will be able to access your digital payslip anywhere, any time. Especially when we receive our payslip on our mobile, it will be so easy for us to view it even when we are on travel. This convenience is highly enjoyed and this is why people prefer to get a digital payslip.
  • Highly confidential
    Our income is something that we need to keep it confidential and we do not want to share it with others. When we receive our payslip through email, only we will be able to read it as it is password protected. This is not so with paper payslip as by mistake anyone can open the cover and can view it.
  • Educates employees
    While receiving the salary, many employees will have a lot of queries and they will keep asking their doubts with the HR team. This is a headache for the HR department. But if they can view it in the portal they will get all explanations through the portal itself. This will educate the employees on how to use the application and get their doubts cleared then and there.
  • Best cost-cutting method
    Sending an email or uploading the details in the portal will not cost you any amount. But for paper payslip, you need to buy papers then take a printout for which you need to fill inks periodically, and then should courier the payslip to the employee’s house and that will cost you courier expense. All these expenses can be easily avoided.

Demerits of Digital payslip

  • Be online
    To access your digital payslip you need to be online. There are cases where we will be working in places that have no network coverage. Under those locations, you may not be able to access the payslip. You should have a proper data pack and should recharge it on-time. When you run out of data you cannot view the portal or the email that contains your payslip.
  • No internet awareness
    Although this is an era of the internet, youngsters are well-versed with it. but people who are above 50 still struggle to understand about surfing and entering the portals by using their username and password. It is difficult for them to enter the site and click on the exact page to get the payslip.
  • Forget the credentials
    People will easily forget the credential ie. the username and their password. All online portals will ask us to register ourselves first and then we will be given a separate username and password and you need to enter the same each time you visit the portal. When the password is store in the system history it will automatically get the password but if we are in a browsing center we need to enter it. When we forget the password we may not be able to enter the site. Then we need to raise a ticket to the technical department and they will help to recover the password.
  • Server issues
    Many portals face serious server issues and will make the site go down. This needs support from the server maintenance team who cannot be available all the time. They will have their working time and can attend the service at that time only. So we need to wait to get the server issue to be solved.

Quick Tip: Tesco has converted their standard paper payroll to digital payslip portal known to be payslipview

Paper payslip

This is a very old traditional method that is still being followed in many companies although most of the companies have changed to digital payslip. Let us study its merits and demerits in detail

Merits of Paper payslip

  • Can get acknowledged
    When we give a manual payslip we can get the recipient sign in that paper and can have a copy as proof. Later people cannot deny that they haven’t received the payslip. When we send an email we may not be sure that the employee has received the email properly. There are cases in that mail can be landed as spam mail and employee may miss seeing it.
  • Communicate with management
    When people have any doubts about their payslip they can directly communicate with their management team and can get their doubts cleared. In portals, everything will be systemized and most of our questions will come under FAQ session and we may miss an opportunity to sit and chat with our management people.
  • Non-editable
    Once the manual payslip is prepared and handed over to the employee the management cannot edit anything in the slip. Malpractice cannot happen with manual payslips. Overwriting is not allowed. But with digital portals, the admin can change whatever he wants to.

Demerits of paper payslip

  • Easily destroyable
    Since it is a paper report anyone can destroy it easily. It can be torn and put into the fire and can completely erase it. We cannot keep it safe all the time. We need to have a proper recording and filing procedure and should maintain separately.
  • Difficult to search for data
    Even though you may store all the payslips in a separate file, if you want to search any one particular month then you need to go through the full file and it will take a long time to find out what you want.
  • Not Eco-friendly
    Manual payslips need lots of papers and we all know that we need to cut down the trees to make papers. People started showing interest in planting trees as they know the environmental cause behind it. So they started looking for paperless works.

This is all about digital and manual payslips. Hope you have a clear idea about both the process.

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