Best Part-Time jobs for students in the UK

Unemployment is dropping in the UK market in recent days. The rate has dropped to 4.5% which is the lowest unemployment level. The UK has wide job opportunities, especially for students. Students also show interest to take part-time jobs as the educational fee is rising. To support their education they have no other choice than doing part-time jobs. Since there are many jobs available we need to analyze the best among them and should make sure that it will help to boost our career. Let us get in-depth on part-time jobs in the UK.

Events & hospitality works

Many leading event management companies supply manpower to run the events. They also supply workers as bartenders or even waitresses. You need to get yourself registered in one of the agencies. You should mention to them your available timings so that they can arrange work accordingly. The work may require you to travel within your local area. You will be charged according to the working hours.

Skills and other requirements:

  • Good communication skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Pleasing personality

Wages: £7.50 / hour.


Tutoring is another way of earning a passive income where you will be sharing your knowledge. This will also fine-tune your skills. You can set you a comfortable time with your student and can teach them. You can either have one-on-one classes or even you can have zoom meetings and can conduct classes for many students at a time.

Skills and other requirements

  • Teaching skills
  • A laptop or a desktop with a proper internet connection
  • Good subject knowledge

Wages: £50 / hour.

Become an Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a term that is widely used in recent days. This is an era of digital marketing. All the buyers are available online. So every company started stepping into online business. Most of them rely on referrals. Many online marketplaces allow affiliates to promote their brands and once the conversion happens the affiliates will be given a commission. The commission slabs vary from company to company. This is suitable for students as they can use their free time in sharing the brand on their social media channels and can promote the products easily.

Skills and other requirements

  • Should have good knowledge about all social media platforms.
  • Good internet knowledge
  • Creative in content writing.
  • Designing skills to design banners for the product.
  • Should have a laptop or a PC with a proper internet connection.

Wages: depends on the conversion you make.

Delivery driver

The most flexible job that a student can take is becoming a delivery driver. There are many food delivery apps available online. People also feel comfortable in ordering foods through these apps. Once the restaurant receives the order through the app they will prepare the food and will hand it over to the delivery driver. The delivery driver will carry the food and will deliver it to the customer.

  • Skills and other requirements
  • Driving license and a bike
  • Good customer handling skills
  • Proper communication

Wages: £16 / hour.

Check Tesco payslip and also apply for tesco jobs

Research & surveys

Every company will do a market analysis before they launch any new product in the market. They always need to know the customers’ buying behavior and the latest trends. They want to keep an eye on their competitors and their new strategies. For this, they need people to conduct surveys on their behalf. Students can take this job and work on their flexible time and get feedback from the public and should submit it to the company. The company will pay for each survey and researches you make.

Skills and other requirements

  • Good writing skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Pleasing personality

Wages: depends on the number of surveys you take.

Work on campus

Every university will have various clerical jobs. Although they have full-time workers still they will need additional part-time workers to carry out the administrative operations effectively. Students can find writing jobs, typing jobs, cleaning the campus, other clerical works. There will also be a separate department for online promotion. You can join the social media team and can run campaigns effectively and promote your university brand. This will add value to the resume and students can use this experience for their future jobs.

Skills and other requirements

  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Internetworking experience
  • Good communication

Wages: £11 / hour.

Call centers

There are many call centers available in the UK. Most of the call centers prefer part-time workers as it is less expensive for them to hire. People can work in shifts. So students after completing their college hours they can sit and work in call centers. Some may have evening college so they can work in morning shifts and some can work in night shifts. According to the shift, the payment differs. The added advantage of working in a call center is it will enhance communication skills. Students will find it easier in getting placed in top companies once they finish their education.

Skills and other requirements

  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Internetworking experience
  • Good communication skills

Wages: £10 / hour.


Many online freelancing platforms are available. Students can register themselves on these platforms and can start taking orders. You can work on your core area. If you are skilled in programming then you can take orders that need you to write coding for their projects. If you are good at digital marketing then more digital marketers’ requirements can be found in freelancing sites like and Since you will be working on your skill-set this will fine-tune your knowledge and can help you to build a strong career in the future.

Skills and other requirements

  • A laptop or a PC with an internet connection
  • Basic computer and surfing knowledge
  • Good negotiation skills
  • Capable of meeting the deadlines.

Wages: depends upon the work you take


Understand the nature of work before you join. Make sure that the part-time job you are going to take will boost your resume and will help to build a perfect career

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