Employee Rights In the United Kingdom You Didn’t Know

To start with, the employment rights of the workers in the United Kingdom are properly framed and protected. When you compare it with other Nations, you can find the employee rights in the United Kingdom is far better. The rights have been taken into the statutory laws and that knowledge by the UK parliament. This system has brought out the minimum rights for the employees to exercise. We cannot overstate the importance of employee rights, be it for the company or the country. It only works well if the employees are aware of it. It is the responsibility of the employee to make themselves aware of the fundamental right to keep themselves protected.

The Basics

Every employee is entitled to get a written statement of employment particulars within a couple of months counted from the starting date. This document will contain all the necessary details of the employment starting from the employer details to the title, working hours, payment breakup, and other leave entitlement.

The statement will also include details like the notice period, pension arrangements, and the procedure if the employee has any grievance. However, the provisions for sick pay and disciplinary procedures will not be detailed in this document. On the other hand, the document will let you know where you can find the details about such procedures as well.

Full-Time Employees

Any full-time employee in the United Kingdom has the right to exercise 28 days of paid holidays every year and statutory sick pay. They are also entitled to pay the national minimum wage and to receive payslip every time they get paid. On the other hand, the company is not allowed to make any illegal deductions from that pay.

The employees reserve the right to be given a safe and healthy environment with no occupational hazards. There should never be physically dangerous or psychological threats like harassment or bullying, and it is the responsibility of the company to make sure a safe environment is provided. The employees are also entitled to regular breaks and a working week comprises of 48 hours maximum.

Special Circumstances

The workers are also protected from dismissals for a wide range of circumstances, like pregnancy. The company also cannot dismiss an employee for being pregnant, and they should also offer the women some time off for antenatal care according to the law. The fathers also so are entitled to the paid time off after the birth of the child as paternity leave. The mothers can look out for maternity leave after the birth of a child. If the work has dependent children or adults, they can request flexible working hours to fulfill their responsibilities.


The employee rights in the United Kingdom not only protect their payment but also ensures their time and effort are valued. The law does not allow discrimination in any form, and if the employee is dismissed unfairly, he can demand a claim if he has worked for more than a year. There are still some categories that do not have full employment rights within the United Kingdom. Some trainee doctors have a maximum working week of 58 hours, and they do not get any holiday pay.